Harvard University
Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology

Energy Frontier

Our Energy Frontier program conducts research with the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider.

Group Members

Melissa Franklin, João Guimarães da Costa, John Huth, Masahiro Morii
Pierluigi Catastini, Geraldine Conti, Valerio Ippolito, David Lopez Mateos, Chris Rogan, Hugh Skottowe
Graduate Students
Kevin Mercurio, William Spearman, Andy Yen, Brian Clark, Tomo Lazovich, Siyuan Sun, Emma Tolley, Stephen Chan, Tony Tong

Ongoing Physics Analyses

Higgs boson

We study the recently discovered Higgs boson using three experimental signatures.

  • HZZ → 4 leptons, focusing on the Higgs boson mass.
  • HWW → lνlν, focusing on the production cross-section and vector-boson-fusion production mechanism.
  • ZHllbb, a yet-to-be-discovered process.


We search for electroweak production of charginos and neutralinos.

  • χ1+χ1W+W + 2 LSPs → 2 leptons + missing ET.
  • χ1±χ20W±H + 2 LSPs → 1 lepton + 2 b jets + missing ET.

Completed Physics Analyses

Previous Group Members

Kevin Black (Boston University)
Shulamit Moed (Fermilab)
Alberto Belloni (University of Maryland)
Bernardo Resende (Thales Group)
Corrinne Mills (Edinburgh)
Bart Butler (AT&T)
Ex-Graduate Students
Lashkar Kashif, Ph.D. 2010 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Ben Smith, Ph.D. 2011 (Box Inc.)
Verena Martinez-Outschoorn, Ph.D. 2011 (Fermilab)
Srivas Prasad, Ph.D. 2011 (CERN)
Michael Kagan, Ph.D. 2012 (SLAC)
Laura Jeanty, Ph.D. 2013 (LBNL)
Giovanni Zevi Della Porta, Ph.D. 2013 (UC San Diego)
Ex-Undergraduate Students (incomplete list)
Peter Park, A.B. 2009 (MIT)
Benjamin Burns, A.B. 2010 (Harvard Business School)
Jack Kearney, A.B. 2010 (University of Michigan)
Maximilian Swiatlowski, A.B. 2010 (Stanford)
Tomo Lazovich, A.B. 2011 (Harvard)
Tova Holmes, A.B. 2011 (UC Berkeley)
Curt Nehrkorn, A.B. 2011 (UC Santa Barbara)
Rachel Hinman, A.B. 2012 (UC Berkeley)
Jeremy Cushman, A.B. 2012 (Yale)
Jason Wien, A.B. 2012 (Perimeter Institute)

Group Resources

ATLAS General

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