Aaron White

Dr. Aaron White

Postdoctoral Fellow
Aaron White

Dr. Aaron White is an experimental high-energy particle physicist and a postdoctoral fellow at the LPPC. He joined the Harvard ATLAS group in 2020 after earning his PhD from the University of Michigan. He is interested in the nature of fundamental particles, including the origin of their mass. His research focuses on collisions recorded in the ATLAS detector that produce fully leptonic final states. Such events provide a clear window to observe very high-energy interactions. He used the vector boson associated production mechanisms (VH) to study the Higgs boson's interaction with muons. This work provides insight into the origin of the muon's mass. He also led the search for new physics in the dilepton final state through non-resonant signatures. This work resulted in the strongest-ever limits on qqll contact interactions along with the latest confirmation that if leptons are indeed composite particles, then their constituents are bound by enormous energies.

Dr. White has developed prototype front-end electronics for the ATLAS Phase-II upgrade to the Muon Spectrometer. He is currently focused on the Phase-I upgrade to replace the two inner end-cap muon systems. 

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