The Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology (LPPC) at Harvard University conducts cutting edge research in experimental particle physics and observational cosmology, and provides education for graduate and undergraduate students.

Palfrey House


The LPPC is led by five faculty members from Harvard Physics and Astronomy Departments: Prof. Gary Feldman, Melissa Franklin, Roxanne Guenette, John Huth, and Masahiro Morii.

LPPC Buildings

LPPC is spread across buildings in the Northwest Campus.  Our main office building is Palfrey House, originally built by John Palfrey.

Harvard Map 

Research Projects

Energy Frontier - ATLAS: Search for new physics beyond the Standard Model in the highest-energy proton-(anti)proton collisions. We are involved in the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider and the CDF Experiment at the Tevatron.

Intensity Frontier - Neutrino: Study of neutrino mixing, in which different flavors of neutrinos turn into each other. A neutrino beam generated at Fermilab travels 810 km to reach the MINOS and NOvA Experiments located in northern Minnesota.

Cosmic Frontier - Dark Energy: Investigation of the Dark Energy through surveys of distant supernovae. Our flagship project is the Large Synoptic Sky Survey.